Young talent combined with BWP Performance Line 21
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Nov 25, 2020, 8:24:00 PM

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Date of birth 24-06-2020
Gender Stallion
Color Chestnut
Studbook Zangersheide
VAT 21.00%








Armani van de Kasteeldreef Z is a son of Amadeo van ‘t Vossenhof and Qunique van het Weyenshof.  

Already as a youngster, Amadeo caught the eye because of his charisma and power. This son of the 1.60m level jumping Asca Z (J-A Melchior) descends from a high-performance family himself. His mother Caloma II Z has already produced two other descendants apart from Amadeo that are performing remarkably well: Quattro Loma (1.45 m with Hans Dieter Dreher) and Zento Loma (1.45 m with Diego Caselli). She is also the full sister of Bessemeinds Caloma, who is successful at the highest level with the Norwegian rider Morten Djupvik. Bessemeinds Caloma also produced an offspring with very successful horses, such as the famous Quasimodo Z. Also under the saddle of Morten Djupvik, this stallion achieved beautiful results in 1.60 m courses, with successes during the Nations Cup in Gijon. In addition, Quasimodo Z is very successful in breeding. In the direct dam line, we also find Zindiloma (1.55 m), Astrix di Loma (1.50 m), Hangover (1.45 m) and Genetic-Loma (1.45 m). Amadeo’s first international performance in 2020 looked promising, and he will undoubtedly have a great career. 

These high-performance genes were combined in Armani van de Kasteeldreef Z with other splendid genes, namely BWP performance line 21, with origins that draw back to Himalaya van de Padenborre. Himalaya, Armani’s 4th mother, is one of the key mares of Andre Leemans’ famous breeding farm. She is the mother of the well-known Ohio van de Padenborre, who rose to the top under Stanny van Paesschen. Also Val t’Horens, Winchester, Butterfly and Foxtrot, are all active and successful in the 5* circuit. The BWP approved stallions Dawson and Diego are also direct offspring of Himalaya. The combination of Himalaya with Pachat II resulted in My Way van de Padenborre, who is the mother of Riot Gun, winning at 1.60 m level with Martin Fuchs and Beat Grandjean, Bobby van de Padenborre (1.45 m) and Unique (Paladin des Ifs). 

Unique is the dam of Mc Gregor van Turbeek (1.40 m under Niklaus Rutschi) but also of the young mare Qunique, with powerhouse and descendant of another BWP performance line, Falaise De Muze as father. Qunique makes a very promising free jump. As a 2-year-old, she was selected for the finals of the free jump in Mechelen. Before the start of her showjumping career, she produced Armani van de Kasteeldreef Z, a special colt in which the best blood lines of the world are combined.

Furthermore, Draisienne is the granddam of Pin Chin (1.45 m with Philippe Lejeune, and dam of Cevo Socrates  and BMC Up And Down), Toronto van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Juan Carlos Garcia, 2nd at the World Cup of Mechelen 2006), Wimpel van de Padenborre (1.45 m), Jessica van de Padenborre (1.45), Hemmingway van de Padenborre and Dirka van de Padenborre. Dirka produced Ho Go van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Dennis Lynch) and Iron Man van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Gregory Wathelet).

Riot Gun van de Padenborre:

Mc Gregor van Turbeek:

Iron Man van de Padenborre:

Qunique van de padenborre:               


Amadeo van't Vossenhof Z
Asca Z
Askari Z
Caloma II Z
Qunique van 't Weyenhof
Falaize de Muze
Wandor van de Mispelaere
Exquis Walnut de Muze
Unique van de Padenborre
Paladin des IFS
My Way van de Padenborre


Successful horses in the sire line:

Quattro Loma
Zento Loma
Bessemeinds Caloma
Quasimodo Z
Astrix di Loma

Successful horses in the dam line:

Riot gun vd Padenborre (1m60)
Bobby vd Padenborre (1m45)
Mc Gregor van Turbeek (1m40)
Ohio vd Padenborre (1m60)
Winchester vd Padenborre (1m60)
Butterfly vd Padenborre (1m45)
Jamar d'Ysenbeeck (1m60)
Aston d'Ysenbeeck (1m45)
Noveko's Rebelle (1m60)
Diego vd Padenborre GGK
Dawson vd Padenborre GGK
Etoile Chin van Seven Oaks (1m60)
Pin Chin (1m45)
Cevo Socrates (1m60)
BMC Up and Down (1m60)
Equistro vd Mispelare (1m60)
Freestyle (1m45)
Toronto vd Padenborre (1m60)
Wimpel vd Padenborre (1m60)
Ho Go vd Padenborre (1m45)
Houston vd Padenborre (1m45)
Iron Man vd Padenborre (1m60)
Jaguar vd Padenborre GGK
Hemingway vd Padenborre (1m45)
Jessica vd Padenborre (1m45)

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