Performance, performance and... performance out of the Van de Padenborre line
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Date of birth 03-07-2020
Gender Mare
Color Black
Studbook BWP
VAT 21.00%








This tall filly is a daughter of H&M Chilli Willi. As the prefix H&M already gives away, Chilli Willi is at the stables of the Phillipaert family, and has already proven himself under the saddle of Nicola. In 2017 they could call themselves the "Belgian Champions", they jumped double clear at the Nations Cup of Rotterdam, Sopot and Samorin and they have won GTC Chantilly and have jumped the finals of Doha, Verona, Lausanne, Miami, etc.
Apart from being an amazing sport horse, Chilli Willi also has a very exceptional pedigree. Under Rolf-Göran Bengtsson, his father Casall has jumped to a profit of more than 2.600.000 euros in prize money, making him the most profitable jumping horse ever. Caletta VIII, the dam of Chilli Willi, is a product of a rock-solid dam line. No less than 3 of her descendants are to be found at the highest level in the international jumping arena: Camiro, L-Cinderella and Chilli Willi. Three other descendants jumped the 1.35 m to 1.40 m courses and she is the granddam of, among others, Carlucci (1.60 m), Cardoso(1.50 m), Glock’s Cognac Champblanc (1.60 m). Further along the dam line, other proven top-quality jumping horses are to be found: Capriola van de Helle (1.60 m), Quartz de Preuilly (1.60 m), Rubis de Preuilly (1.60 m), etc.

In Uchilla Pleasure van Seven Oaks, these well-performing genes are combined with other very talented genes: BWP Performance Label 21, that draws back to the mare Draisienne.

Uchilla is a daughter of the 4 year old mare out of For Pleasure, Quick Pleasure van Seven Oaks. Quick Pleasure is a half sister of Iza van Seven Oaks who, before starting her career as a sport horse, produced Humerto ASK (1.45 m with Yuri Mansur), and has now already scored several victories for Italy in the 1.45 m level. The mother of Iza and Quick Pleasure, Fleur Chin van Seven Oaks, is a daughter of Chin Chin and Rapide H. Her full brother, Etoile Chin van Seven Oaks, was ridden by Geoffrey Cobbaut and performed meritorious at international 2* and 3* competitions.They were placed 3rd at CSI 2* Sancourt (1.45 m), 3rd at CSI 2* Villers Vicomte Breteuil (1.45 m) and 3rd at CSI 2* 2015 Sancourt (1.40 m). Rapide H is also the dam of Crescendo van Seven Oaks (1.40 m) and Gracieux van Seven Oaks (1.40 m), and granddam of Nelson van Seven Oaks (1.35 m).

In the direct dam line, we arrive through the 4th dam of Uchilla Pleasure van Seven Oaks, India van de Padenborre, at the mare Drassienne, the breeding mare of the famous stud of Andre Leemans. India is the granddam of Whoopie C and Aga Khan C, who jump the 1.60 m class, and Gucci, Hero and Inoui van Heiste, who jump the 1.50 m class. In the meantime, Whoopie C herself has produced the 1.60 m level horse HH Donnatella, the superstar of Daniel Deusser and number one on the WBFSH-ranking in 2019 Tobago Z, and Beijing Z.

Furthermore, Draisienne is the granddam of the important Ohio van de Padenborre, who was outstanding under Stanny van Paesschen. She is also the granddam of Val t'Horens, Winchester, Butterfly and Foxtrot, who are all active and successful in the 5* circuit, and the BWP approved stallions Dawson and Diego van de Padenborre. Granddaughter My Way van de Padenborre is at her turn the dam of Riot Gun, who braught home several victories in the 1.60 m level with Martin Fuchs, and of Bobby van de Padenborre (1.45 m). Another granddaughter, Pin Chin, has jumped 1.45 m courses with Philippe Lejeune, and is the dam of Cevo Socrates and BMC Up and Down. Also Toronto van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Juan Carlos Garcia, among others 2nd at the World Cup in Mechelen 2016), Wimpel van de Padenborre (1.45 m), Jessica van de Padenborre (1.45 m), Hemmingway van de Padenborre and Dirka van de Padenborre are part of the Drassienne-tribe. Dirka produced Ho Go van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Denis Lynch) and Iron Man van de Padenborre (1.60 m with Gregory Wathelet).

It can be said: As well the sire as the dam line of Uchilla Pleasure van Seven Oaks is filled to the top with first-class sport horses.


Etoile Chin:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3y_NvI1Ymq1s

Humerto ASK:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUkJgrFZd7Y

Tobago Z:https://fb.watch/1uqRzgwRUP/

Mc Gregor van Turbeek:https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=487726025319504

Riot Gun van de Padenborre:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6y_vhlX4s

Iron Man van de Padenborre: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1y_vhlX00s

Cevo Socrates: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeON3A-ziAI  

BMC Up and Down:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egrw4j2c5UM


Chilli Willi
Casall ASK
Caletta VIII
Quick Pleasure van Seven Oaks
For Pleasure
Furioso II
Fleur Chin van Seven Oaks
Chin Chin
Rapide H

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